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the waterproof layer

verfasst von qizhenapp, 15.12.2017, 03:41

Clay tiles, bitumen shingles, concrete tiles, metal tiles, shingles, slate tiles, bamboo tiles, tiles below the other must be another flexible waterproof layer. Because of the fixed tile nail through the waterproof layer, waterproof layer is required to hold the nail ability to prevent rain along the nail penetration into the board. The most suitable coil is 4 mm thick polymer modified bitumen membrane. Polymer membranes and coatings are not suitable. 3, vibration of the larger roof, such as near the railway, earthquake area, the factory has a crane forging hammer, long-span light roof truss. Vibration larger, mortar cracks easily primary, full sticky coil was pulled off. Should choose the high elongation and high strength of the coil or coating


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