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Good wood products to see what aspects?

verfasst von qizhenapp, 12.12.2017, 02:45

<p>Good wood products to see what aspects?
People choose household products, more and more emphasis on environmentally friendly green products, which gives plastic wood products a great opportunity for development, plastic wood products not only in terms of performance superior to wood products and plastic products, but also with green features, Is an excellent alternative to wood products and plastic products, but at present China's plastic wood products do not yet have a uniform standard, in the end what kind of plastic wood products, do not know how to choose, Luoyang Dagang summed up a good plastic wood products should have Three aspects, I hope you can buy a good product can have some help.
1. Good plastic wood products, is to look at the raw materials for plastic products, plastic raw materials, the rational choice and use of wood, the quality of ingredients is good or bad, and the amount of small quantities, the construction process is good or bad, will affect the quality of WPC. Plastic raw materials for the production of wood-plastic composites are mainly high-density polyethylene or polypropylene. Wood fibers may be wood flour, chaff or wood fibers. Small amounts of additives and other processing aids are also required. The raw materials are all made of new wood-plastic products is better, but these may be difficult for beginners to see.
2. Good plastic wood products, wall thickness should have better technology, good plastic wood products wall thickness should be uniform.
3. Plastic wood material surface treatment should also pay attention to, plastic wood product itself is not required to paint, good plastic wood products surface treatment effect should be uniform, smooth, smooth.
4. Plastic wood products are generally plastic wood products factory quality certificate or test report before buying to see if the seller has these cards, and then determine whether to buy.
Buy plastic wood products, the general are through the process and certification to determine the quality of the other wood products in the installation of the seller also need to install the corresponding standard. In order to ensure that plastic wood products play its greatest role.</p>
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