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Shaquille O'Neal in mmogo

verfasst von happylifea, 07.11.2017, 04:08

Dud of the nightOnly 5 NBA live mobile coins teams are animadversion down added 3-pointers per adventurous than the Mavericks, who entered Saturday averaging 10.6 3-pointers a game. That boilerplate will dip a bit afterwards the Mavs' starters' afflicted 3-for-17 acid adeptness in a 94-86 accident to the Raptors. The bank helped, but the Mavs still fabricated abandoned 7-of-28 from abaft the arc.HighlightLeBron James had a brace of highlight-worthy plays Saturday. In one, he anesthetized Mo Cheeks for 12th on the NBA's best abetment list. Afresh there's this gem breadth he dribbles by four Wizards to bang it home.



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